Monday, May 14, 2012

Spring Soccer Season

This Spring season was Hunter's first outdoor season.  Overall he did really well.  He's so funny... there are times that he is really focused and is seriously really good... and then... there's the other 60% of the time when he could care less.  He'll pick his nose, wave at you or give you a thumbs up on, talk to the other players, etc.  But whether he was trying really hard and focused, or just in la-la land, he was having fun.  He had several games with 1 goal and one game with 2 goals.  He definitely has the skill set... now we just need to get him to watch the game instead of what is going on on the sideline :)

Carson has now been playing outdoor for 5 years.  He has always been really good at soccer, however something really clicked for him this season.  He took his play to an entire new level this Spring!  He went from having 2-3 goals the whole season to having 2-3 goals per game!  Carson has always, even at 4 and 5 years old, had an uncanny understanding of where he should be placed on the field.  He's always been really good at getting to the right spot on the field, however he was always a bit timid and frankly, scared of the ball.  This left him with a lot of great opportunities to score or have an assist that were missed because he got beat to the ball and backed down to a bigger kid.
This season was different!  It was like an "aggressive" light bulb went off and he knew he could win the ball every time.  He has now decided that he wants to try out for a club team.  I really believe he is good enough.  However, I'm not gonna lie.... I'm a little concerned about the financial commitment.  Club teams are so expensive and the last thing I want to do is deny him of an opportunity to do what he loves and take his skill-set to the next level.  This is going to be a tough one.

Here's some fun pics/videos of the season;

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  1. We never got into the sports thing with the girls, they played a little soccer (or as I called it "Mob Ball" when they were little but didn't really stick with it and Shawna did some softball which was fun. I wish we'd done more or stuck with it a little better! It looks like your boys are having a ton of fun!
    I never realized before how much they look like you! That picture of you and Carson... He is the spitting image of his momma!
    Handsome bunch you got there ;) Thanks for sharing your posts, I love to follow what the Holdaway clan is up to!