Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Carson's Ballet West Field Trip 4/18

I volunteered for Carson's class field trip to Capital Theater today.  Every field trip I have gone on with Carson the teacher has said NO SIBLINGS ALLOWED and I have always gotten a babysitter for Hunter.  However we are leaving for SoCal to run Ragnar tonight and we're leaving the kids home for 5 days so I didn't want to get a sitter for Hunter.  And, every single time, there ends up being a parent that brings another child.  I decided I would take Hunter with us this time and of course as soon as I got to the school, Mrs. Douglass, Carson's teacher, gave me a total lecture.  But in the end, Hunter came with us and he was exceptionally well behaved the whole time.  Carson's little crush, Brooklyn sat behind us and while we were waiting for the show to start, she and and Carson played guessing games for 20+ minutes straight.  It was cute to watch them interact.  Carson totally has a cute crush on her.  It was great getting to get all dressed up with the boys and go experience something we've never done before.  However, I must admit... ballet is just not my thing... and as we found out, it's not the boys' thing either :)  At one point Hunter turned to me and in a perfect whisper, said "This is stupid mom."  HA HA.
Bus ride down 
Walking to the Theater

My handsome boys

Also, when I got to the classroom, I noticed one single desk sitting in the corner of the classroom by itself.  And then next thing I know, Carson sits down at it.  I asked Mrs. Douglass if that was where he sat and in a very frustrated tone, she said "YES!  It's the only thing I know to do at this point.  I've tried everything else.  He won't stop talking."  I couldn't help but laugh.  I don't think she thought it was very funny though.  :)

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