Friday, April 6, 2012

Oh to be a kid again

The boys started swimming lessons this week.  Carson is in level 5, having already taken lessons last year.  He is a really great swimmer.  Hunter took lessons last year but was too scared to try things on his own, w/o the assistance of the teacher so she didn't pass him to the next level.  He is starting at level one.  Their lessons are M-H @ 4:00 pm so Hailee has been taking them all week.  However, I have Wednesday afternoons off so I took them today and I was so impressed with how far they have both come after only a few days of lessons.  Hunter was putting his face in the water and "blowing bubbles" with out hesitation and jumping in the water to his teacher w/o fear.  What really took me back, was to look over and see Carson very effortlessly doing a flip turn.  I tried to learn how to do a flip turn last November when I was working with a swim coach and after 15+ times of what felt like buckets of water up my nose, I gave up and haven't tried since.  To look over and see him doing it so easily, I was both very proud and jealous at the same time.  :)

Sorry for the kid in the head :)