Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bad-luck Gum

I go in to the office on Tuesday's for our team meeting and since today is my birthday, I had planned a massage appointment at 3:00pm, which meant I needed to leave the office by 2:30.  At 2:15 I get a text from Hailee saying "I'm not sure what happened exactly but Hunter said he fell off the monkey bars and has been kind of babying his arm.  He has ice on it but he wants to know what time you will be home."  Given how many times the boys fall in a day's time, I didn't think too much of it.  I texted her back and said "I'm on my way home now."
I got home and he had ice on his arm and said "it just hurts a little bit.  I'm fine."  Hailee said he hadn't cried at all and didn't seem to bothered by it.  I tried moving it around to see if I thought it was broken but he didn't complain much when I did, so I went to my massage appointment.  When I got home to take Carson to soccer practice, Hunter was still holding his arm in the same position as when I left almost 2 hours prior.  Brad got home shortly thereafter and said "Uh, we need to take him in!  It's swollen and he won't move his arm!"
We headed over to "Kidcare" (an InstaCare for kids) at Riverton Hospital.  On the way over, Brad asked Hunter how he fell off the monkey bars and he said "Zachary (the neighbor kid) gave me bad-luck gum!"  Brad: "Uh, ok.  But how did you fall off the monkey bars?!"  Hunter kept persisting with one answer; "Zachy gave me bad-luck gum!"  ok... whatever!
As the x-ray tech was walking him back to the radiology room, she was asking Hunter how he hurt his arm... "Did you jump off your bed?  Did you jump out of a plane?  Did you do a flip?..." and so on and so on.  Finally Hunter said, "NO! None of those!  I just fell of the monkey bars!" in a totally annoyed tone.  It was funny!  He is such a trooper!  The x-ray tech was moving his arm all over the place, setting it in odd positions in order to get the right x-rays and he didn't so much as say "owe."
The Dr. came back in the room to tell us the results of the x-ray and spends about 10 minutes explaining that he has fractured his elbow bone and follows with instructions for care.  All the while, Hunter didn't say a word!  She then left the room for a moment and I said, "Hunter, did you hear that?!  You broke your arm!"  Completely astounded, Hunter said "WHAT?!  All I did was fall off the monkey bars!  UGH!"
They put a splint on his arm, wrapped it up, put it in a sling and he was ready to go.  They can't put a hard cast on it until Monday when the swelling is gone.  He is so excited to get his hard cast so everyone can sign it.  He says he "wants a gold one, but will get a red one!"
Brad broke a TON of bones as a kid and these two boys are 110% boy, rambunctious, dare-devlish and crazy.  Frankly, I'm a little surprised we lasted this long with out any broken bones! 
When we got home, first thing he did was RUN over to Zachary to tell him his bad-luck gum was bad luck!  (Still haven't figured out what that's all about!)  Trisha, Zachary's mom was outside and apparently she was at the park when Hunter fell earlier in the day.  She said they were playing the game where you wrap your legs around each other while hanging from the monkey bars to see who falls first.  Apparently Hunter lost that round!

Brother had to try on the sling :)
Carson has been such a sweet brother, helping Hunter when he needs it.  He's a great big brother!

Hunter wasn't very happy about having to wrap his arm in a grocery sack to take a bath.
I was really concerned that Hunter may roll over on his arm in his sleep so I went to check on him at about 3:00 am and he was in perfect position with his arm resting on his tummy.