Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hunter's indoor soccer 2-12

This is officially Hunter's 2nd indoor soccer season.  However, the first season hardly counts as he was less than interested.  This season has been a blast though.  He got to play with his cousin, Luke and his little buddy from the neighborhood, Ryker.
Gettin' ready!


And he's off...

A little congratulatory hug from Coach
I just want to squeeze that little face!

Hi Mom!


A little celebratory dance

He's recruited the whole team in his dance... well, almost the whole team.


And So it Begins...

Carson has now played soccer for 5 years... most seasons going straight from outdoor to indoor to outdoor to indoor.... and so on.  He played his first season when he was 3 years old and Brad coached his team. It's no surprise that Hunter is following in his footsteps.  At Carson's games, you can usually find Hunter on the side line kicking a soccer ball around.
Playin' w Bella

We always knew that having two boys would mean a lot of long game-filled Saturdays.  Honestly, I've been eagerly awaiting those Saturday's.  I have so loved watching Carson grow and get better each season, each year.  He's never lacked in the area of confidence.  At his age, they don't keep score... well officially.  However, you can always count on Carson to let you know what the score is and how many goals and assists he has had.

We put Hunter in an indoor league last year when he was 3 years old and it proved to be just a little too early. He didn't seam to be interested in much - other than the net of course.

Last fall, at the beginning of the AYSO season, we registered Hunter for outdoor.  However, he was still not fully potty trained (refused to go #2 in the potty) so Brad told him that only big boys get to play soccer and if he didn't want to poop in the big boy potty then he couldn't play soccer.  We thought this would be enough motivation for him to start going in the potty but alas, we had to pull him before the season started :(  He spent the whole season on the side line, watching Carson play.  He let us know every game, just how much he wish he was playing.  During several practices, Carson's Coach allowed Hunter to practice with them which just made his day!

Well, tomorrow marks the beginning of the era of two boys in sports.
As I said earlier, I've always looked forward to this day.  However, reality set in when I put everything in my calendar.  This is what this week looks like;

Wednesday: Hunter 1hr practice
Thursday: Carson 1 hr practice
Saturday: 9:00 am - Carson outdoor game
                11:00 am - Hunter outdoor game
                12:30 pm - Hunter indoor game

We're ready though!