Monday, January 7, 2013

Ice cream date

Carson asked me last week if he could take me on a date... just me and him.  Well OF COURSE SON!  :)  He said he wanted to pay to take me out to lunch and get dressed up for it!  After seeing that he had NOTHING in his "SPEND" piggy bank, he decided maybe we should go out to ice cream instead of lunch.  He found a coupon in the Happenings book for Cold Stone: 2 for $5.  Perfect.  He did some extra chores around here and took the garbage cans out for a neighbor who was out of town and by Sunday, he had $5.  
He was so cute... opened all doors, pulled my chair out... the whole shabang!  Love this boy more than words can say!!

Could he be any more handsome!!??!

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